REPORTS Week-Ending 10th February 2018

Feb 11 2018 12:41 PM


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        SEASON 2017-18


The weather again affected some games on Saturday with 5 called off to wet pitches. Included in the games played Glebe Rangers with a good away win over Dromara Village reached the quarter Finals on the IFA Intermediate Cup while in the same competition Newtowne lost out narrowly away to Queens University.


The wet weather has certainly affected the Intermediate Division and to overcome this some of the teams are planning mid-week games under lights to ease what could be a serious backlog of games.  






                                BRANTWOOD                   0              BANGOR              0

Brantwood after a good one nil at home victory against Newtowne the previous week were content to keep it tight in defence and let Bangor come at them. This policy paid off with few good clear opportunities to score resulting in no goals at half-time. The second half again saw Brantwood keeping it tight at the back and again few good chances were created resulting in a point to each team.       Referee Mr. Paul Douglas


                                St JAMES SWIFTS            5              COOKSTOWN RBL          O

This game was a personal triumph for Padraig McCormack the Swifts marksman who helped himself to four first-half goals giving his team a comfortable lead at half-time. RBL tried hard to get back into the game but with the four goal lead the Swifts were able to pick their moments on attack resulting in Eugene Gallagher scoring their fifth goal.                 Referee Mr. Gerard Murray


                                DUNLOY                               v              SOFIA FARMER

Game not played as pitch was under water

                                                                  CRAWFORD CUP ROUND 2


                                COAGH UNITED                2              DESERTMARTIN               0

There was little to choose between the teams in the first half and at half-time no goals had been scored. Things changed early in the second half with Drew Kelly scoring a brace of goal on the 58th and 61st minutes which Coagh then defended until the final whistle.                        Referee Mr. Joshua Porter


                                                               McREYNOLDS CUP ROUND 2

                                BALLYNURE OB                v              COOKSTOWN YOUTH

Game not played as pitch was under water


                                                        IFA INTERMEDIATE CUP ROUND 4

                                DROMARA VILLAGE       1              GLEBE RANGERS              2    (After extra-time)

Both teams had a couple of chances before Dromara went in front as half-time was approaching then saw Ian Christie score the equaliser for Glebe. No goals were scored during the second half then in extra-time Ian Christie scored his second goal that at the end took Glebe into the quarter final of the competition


                QUEENS UNIVERSITY                      2              NEWTOWNE          0

Newtowne were by no means outplayed in this game and with a bit of luck could certainly had a couple of goals. Queens went in front on the 35th minute and got their second on the 68th minute. After this Newtowne pinned Queens back but luck was not on their side when it came to getting goals.


                                                JUNIOR DIVISIONS LEAGUE GAMES


                BALLYNURE OB ‘B’                         1              BRANTWOOD RES          1

Brantwood went in front after Ryan Mclean scored on the 13th minute and at half-time this goal still separated the teams. Ballynure got back on level terms after Ryan Stewart scored on the 65th minute and though both teams had a couple of chances after this no more goals were scored.                   Referee Mr. Charlie Pollock


                COOKSTOWN OLYMPIC               1              NEWINGTON YC RES      4

Daniel Moore put Newington in front on the 5th minute and this goal separated the teams until Fintan McFarlane scored on the 49th minute putting Newington two goals ahead. The Olympic got back into the game after Tiernan Brennan converted a penalty on the 50th minute  then a second goal scored by Fintan McFarlane on the 76th minute saw Newington go two goals clear again. Play was then in the 89th minute when Ryan Davidson scored number four for Newington.                     Referee Mr. Gareth Smyth


                DESERTMARTIN SWIFTS              3              FC WHITEABBEY              2

Whiteabbey were quick of the mark with Chris Loy scoring on the 8th minute. Desertmartin got back on level terms after Matthew Mulholland scored on the 34th minute and this score remained at half-time. Whiteabbey regained the lead after Karl Douglas scored on the 79th minute but back came the Swifts with Matthew Scott and Pierce McLarnon scoring on the 84th and 88th minutes to win the game.   Referee Mr. Bert Purdy


                3RD BALLYCLARE OB                     8              SPORT & LEISURE SWIFTS RES 3

Ballyclare took an early lead after Steve Howe scored on the 3rd minute then Caolan Davis equalised for Sports on the 14th minute. Sports went in front after Ciaran McKissock scored on the 27th minute followed by Steve Howe scoring the equaliser for Ballyclare on the 30th minute. Half-time was approaching when Ciaran McKissock scored his second goal on the 37th minute. Ballyclare then went on to score a further six goals through Steve Howe 2, Sammy Duff 3 and Marc Campbell.                            Referee Matthew Shaw



                NORTH BELFAST UNITED             3              BRANTWOOD-LOUGHSIDE     3

Northend got off to a good start taking the lead after Matthew Logan scored on the 11th minute.. Brantwood got back on level terms after Colin Watters scored on the 34th minute putting the team’s level at half-time. Brantwood then went two goals in front scored by Luke Watters on the 56th minute and Adam Killen on the 57th minute. Northend never gave up getting a deserved point from the game with goals scored by Samuel Burns on the 79th minute and a corker of a goal scored by Peter Thompson on the 83rd minute.

Referee Mr. Kenny Bigger


                MALLUSK ATHLETIC                      3              ANTRIM ROVERS SWIFTS            0

Chances came and went for both teams during the first-half but no goals were scored when half-time came. Things changed in the second half after Matty Fegan opened the scoring for Mallusk on the 65th minute followed by a second goal scored by Jak Johnston on the 68th minute. After this the Swifts had to throw caution to the wind but Mallusk held firm with Matty Fegan scoring a second goal on the 82nd minute.

Referee Mr. Samuel Forsythe


68th NEWTONWNABBEY OB ‘A’                v              COOKSTOWN YOUTH COLTS

Game not played as pitch was under water



                                RED STAR                           2              68th NEWTOWNABBEY OB ‘B’    1

The surprise in this game was no goals had been scored at half-time though both teams had chances to score. The 68th then went in front after Gary Irvine scored on the 54th minute then saw Michael Ranking score the equaliser on the 61st minute. After this both teams went for the winning goal which went to Red Star after Brian Cunningham scored on the 79th minute.               Referee Mr. Trevor Higgins


                BALLYCLARE NORTH END           v              GREENSILAND WM

Game not played as pitch was under water



                                                LINDA WELSHMAN MEMORIAL CUP ROUND 3

CLOUGH RANGERS ATHLETIC                   v              KILLYMOON RANGERS

Game not played as pitch was under water


                                                      LINDA WELSHMAN MEMORIAL CUP


                                RATHCOOLE FC               0              CASTLE STAR         3

Rathcoole would probably have been favourites going into this game but after Paul Garvey put the Castle in front on the 12th minute Rathcoole were always chasing the game. Castle doubled their lead after Joel McMurtry scored on the 32nd minute and then put the Castle three ahead with his second goal on the 44th minute. The second half saw Rathcoole more prominent but Castle had the win in their grasp which they never slackened until the final whistle.        Referee Mr. Rodney Campbell


                                                                CANADA TROPHY ROUND 2

                CARNLOUGH SWIFTS                    0              ANTRIM ROVERS             6

The Rovers got off to a good start with Adam Foster scoring on the 13th minute.. This goal separated the teams until Craig Evans scored a second goal for the Rovers on the 48th minute followed by Crain Evans with his second goal on the 50th minute. Carnlough tried to get back into the game then a brace of goals scored by Jordan McKelvey on the 54th and 74th minute and a Sixth scored by Ryan Gallagher on the 87th minute completed the scoring on the day.       Referee Mr. Richard Stewart


                CARRICK ATHLETIC                       6              COOKSTOWN RBL RES 2             

RBL went in front in this game after Jeff Lamont scored then Ryan Clawson equalised for the Athletic before half-time. In the second half the Athletic raced into a five one lead thanks to goals scored by David White 2 and Marcin Klaczanski 2 before Jeff Lamont scored his second goal for RBL. Time was then running down when Matthew Corr scored goal number six for the Athletic.         Referee Mr. Brian Leitch




FIXTURES WEEK-Ending 17th February 2018




Wednesday 14th February                                                                    Kick off 7.45pm

Sofia Farmer                         v              Glebe Rangers                      @ Mill Meadow. Castledawson



Saturday 17th February 2018                                                               Kick off

Sofia Farmer                         v              Cookstown RBL                    @ Mill Meadow. Castledawson

Chimney Corner                  v              Newtowne                              @ Allen Park. Antrim

Brantwood                             v              St James Swifts                    @ Skegoneil Avenue. Belfast

Bangor                                   v              Desertmartin                        @ 3g Pitch Bangor Fuels Arena. Bangor

Dunloy                                   v              Ballynure OB                       @ McCamphill Park. Dunloy

Cookstown Youth                                Request Free Date                                               

Coagh United                                       Free


Crawford Cup Round 2

Glebe Rangers                      v              Sport & Leisure S Res         @ Riada Centre. Ballymoney



Junior Divisions League Games


FC Whiteabbey                     v              Antrim Rovers                       @ 3g Pitch UUJ. Jordanstown

Newington YC Res               v              Ballynure OB                       @ 3g Pitch Valley PF. Newtownabbey

Cookstown Olympic             v              Woodlands                             @ Beechway PF. Cookstown

Desertmartin Swifts                            Free                                       

Brantwood Res                                      Free



Cookstown RBL Res             v              Brantwood-Loughside          @ Fairhill PF. Fairhill Road. Cookstown

Antrim Rovers Swifts           v              Castle Star                            @ Allen Park. Castle Road. Antrim

Killymoon Rangers              v              68th Newtownabbey ‘A’        @ Fairhill PF. Fairhill Road. Cookstown

Northend United Youth       v              Clough Rangers Athletic     @ 3g Pitch Ballymena Showground’s              



Greenisland WM                  v              Carnlough Swifts                 @ Threemilewater PF. Doagh Road. N’abbey

North Belfast United            v              68th Newtownabbey ‘B’        @ Threemilewater PF. Doagh Road. N’abbey

Red Star                                 v              Rathcoole                               @ Woodburn PF. Carrickfergus

Ballyclare North End                           Free       


Canada Trophy Round 2

Mallusk Athletic                  v              3rd Ballyclare OB                 @ Grass Pitch Valley PF. Newtownabbey


Linda Welshman Memorial Cup Round 3

Carrick Athletic                   v              Cookstown Youth Colts       @ 3gPitch. Prince William Way. Carrickfergus