REPORTS Week-Ending 19th August 2017

Aug 27 2017 11:50 AM


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        SEASON 2017-18


Saturday was a good day for Teams playing in the Irish Cup 1st round with wins for Glebe Rangers, Ballynure OB, Coagh United, Dunloy and Newtowne but unfortunately we lost Bangor who played Glebe Rangers, St James Swifts and Chimney Corner

Saturday next will see five teams playing in the 2nd Round of the County Antrim Steel and Sons Cup whn it is hope to see them progressing to the 3rd Round.





                BRANTWOOD                                   2              DESERTMARTIN               3

Desertmartin got off to a good start with David McFadden putting them in front on the 8th minute. This goal divided the teams until Curtis Dempster levelled for Brantwood on the 44th minute then on the 46th minute Sam Dykes put Brantwood in front. Time was then running down when Robin Patton equalised for Desertmartin on the 85th minute followed by Mark Scott scoring the winner of the 88th minute. Referee Mr. Samuel Forsythe


                COOKSTOWN YOUTH                    5              SOFIA FARMER 3

With the late arrival of Sofia the game kicked off 15 minutes late with and with Sofia having Seven players on the pitch. David Kelly scored putting the Youth in front which was doubled after Daniel McIlhatton scored. Mamadu So pulled a goal back for Sofia before they had a full team on the pitch on the half-hour mark. Jordan Glasgow made it three one followed by Mark Megarry scoring a fourth goal for the Youth before half-time. Sofia then had a man sent off before David Kelly scored a fifth goal for the Youth. Sofia got two more goals late in the game with Leonel Mendes scoring a brace before the final whistle.     Referee Mr. Ian Getty



                CHIMNEY CORNER                          0              COOKSTOWN YOUTH        2

There was little between the teams during the first-half with no goals scored. The Youth then went in front after Barry Kelly scored on the 53rd minute and sealed the win with his second goal on the 79th minute.

Referee Mr. Simon McKay


                NEWTOWNE FC                                2              GLEBE RANGERS              5

This was a big win for Glebe but a disappointment for Newtowne. An own goal conceded by Newtowne on the 3rd minute saw Glebe in front and a second goal scored by Chris Nicholl saw them in a strong position on the 15th minute. Jack McGonigle got a goal back for Newtowne on the 30th minute then a converted penalty by Blaine Morrison on the 60th minute saw the teams back on level terms. Chris Nicholl got his second goal on the 68th minute before Glebe had a mane sent off. Chris Nicholl completed his hat-trick before Newtowne had a man sent off fore Lee Mitchell scored a fifth goal for Glebe.               Referee Mr. Noel Crossan


                DESERTMARTIN                               2              COOKSTOWN RBL          2

The RBL went in front after David Lees scored on the 4th minute then went two up after James McPartland scored on the 16th minute. Desertmartin got back into the game after Mark Scott scored on the 39th minute followed by Mark Scott getting the equaliser on the 44th minute. Both teams had chances in the second half but no more goals were scored.              Referee Mr. Gerry Murray


                                BANGOR FC                       2              BRANTWOOD       2

Bangor went in front after Kyle Woods scored on the 15th minute then saw Curtis Dempster equalise for Brantwood on the 20th minute. Bangor had a man sent off in the second half before Curtis Dempster scored a second goal for Brantwood on the 80th minute. Bangor had a second man sent off followed by Brantwood being awarded a penalty on the 85th minute which Keeper Darren Gibbons saved. Play was then on the 90th minute when Michael Edgar got the equaliser for Bangor.        Referee Mr. Paul Costello


                                                                   IRISH CUP 1st ROUND

                                WINDMILL STARS           2              St JAMES SWIFTS            1

This was the Swifts introduction into Intermediate Football and they can be pleased with their performance though they suffered have to play the second half with ten men. The Swifts went in front after Eugene Gallagher scored early in the first-half and held this lead until the Stars equaliser as half-time approached. The Swifts down to ten men from the 43rd minute gave a good account of themselves in the second half only conceding the winning goal on the 90th minute.


                                GLEBE RANGERS              2              BANGOR FC       0

Glebe who have had a good start to the season continued in this vein against Bangor who are currently in a re-building process. Glebe went in front through a well taken goal scored by Jake Francis and after he scored his second goal in the game Glebe were into the next Round of the competition


                                SEAPATRICK                     1              BALLYNURE OB                4

Ballynure took a two goal lead through goals scored by Gerard Southam and Ryan Stewart before the home side pulled a goal back before half-time. Ballynure secured the win with two more goals scored by Ryan Stewart and Scott Cummings in the second half


                                COOKSTOWN RBL          1              DROMARA VILLAGE       2

The visitors went in front after 18 minutes then James Dunn scored the equaliser for RBL before half-time. The seconds half saw the visitors score a second goal on the 55th minute but there was no reply from RBL after this.


                                HANOVER FC                     8              CHIMNEY CORNER          2

The Home side took an early lead then James Cashin equalised for the Corner. Hanover went in front before half time.  Anton Philpott equalised for the Corner early in the second half then with the game into the last twenty minute the Corner collapsed conceding six goals without reply.


                                COAGH UNITED                6              BALLYMONEY UNITED   1

Aaron Campbell put Coagh in front on the 7th minute before William Ferguson made it two nil on the 28th minute. Aaron Campbell scored his seconds goal on the 29th minute followed by James Tomelty scoring number four for Coagh on the 43rd minute. Ballymoney pulled a goal back on the 48th minute then two goal from Aaron Campbell on the 67th and 88th minutes brought his tally to four in the game.


                                DUNLOY                               3              BANBRIDGE RANGERS  1

Declan McGarry scored on the 20th minute putting Dunloy in front and at half time they were still in front. Declan Smyth made it two nil for Dunloy on the 51st minute then Karl Fitzpatrick made it three nil on the 62nd minute. Time was then running down when the visitors pulled a goal back.


                BANGOR AMATEURS                      0              NEWTOWNE       3

Newtowne started off well and went in front after Jack McGonigle scored on the 23rd minute. Blaine Morrison then added a second goal for Newtowne on the 32nd minute giving them a two goal cushion at half-time. Newtowne then ensured the win after Gary Moore scored their third goal on the 70th minute.             


FIXTURES Week-Ending 26th August 2017


Wednesday 23rd August 2017                                                          Kick Off 6.45pm


Ballynure OB                      v              Brantwood                             @ Mossley Park. Newtownabbey

Sofia Farmer                        v              Cookstown RBL                  @ 3g Pitch MUSA. Cookstown


Glebe Rangers                     v              Dunloy                                   @ Joey Dunlop Centre. Ballymoney

Bangor FC                            v              St James Swifts                   @ Bangor Fuels Arena. 1a Hawthorne Court. Bangor

(Kick off 7.45pm)


Friday 25th August 2017                                                                    Kick off 6.45pm


Coagh United                        v              Cookstown Youth                @ Hagan Park. Coagh



Saturday 26th August 2017                                                           Kick off 2.00pm


Newtowne FC                        v              Chimney Corner @ Scroggy Road PF. Limavady

Desertmartin FC                 v              Dunloy                                   @ Dromore Park. Desertmartin     


Cookstown RBL                                  Free                       

Sofia Farmer                                        Free


Steel & Sons Cup 2nd Round                                                             Kick off 2.30pm

Ballynure OB                      v              Suffolk FC                            @ Mossley Park. Newtownabbey

Portaferry Rovers               v              Glebe Rangers                     @ Cloughey Road PF. Portaferry

Wellington Rec                   v              Brantwood                             @ Brookvale Park. Millbrook. Larne

St James Swifts                   v              Lisburn Rangers @ Woodlands. Finaghy Road North. Belfast

Bangor                                  v              Kilmore Rec                         @ Bangor Fuels Arena.  Bangor


Junior Division League games                                                         Kick off 2.00pm



Greenisland WM               v              North Belfast United           @ Upper Road. Greenisland