REPORTS Week-Ending 24th February 2018

Feb 25 2018 5:37 PM


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        SEASON 2017-18


With the dry weather continuing all scheduled games were played on Saturday except two Junior games where there was no Official Referee available to Officiate.

This has been a problem all season and is affecting all leagues particularly at Junior Level


With the good weather good progress is being maintained on the Cup Competitions across all the Divisions.


The league standing are progressing well and will certainly see teams in contention for honours coming to the fore over the next few weeks.






                NEWTOWNE                                       2              BANGOR              3

Bangor were certainly given a game by Newtowne on Saturday with the winning goal being scored on the 95th minute but as is often said it’s not over to final whistle is blown. After a steady start by both teams Bangor went in front after the ball re-bounded off the Newtowne keeper leaving Ben Roy to head the ball into the net on the 33rd minute.  Half-time was almost reached when Rory O’Reilly converted a penalty for Newtowne to level the game. Both teams then had a man sent off on the 63rd minute then with time running down Billy Dorans scored for Newtowne on the 85th minute. Play was then in the 90th minute when a 35 yard lob from Paul Dickson beat everyone on the bounce ending up in the Newtowne net. The game was then in the 95th minute when Chris Getty headed in the winning goal for Bangor leaving Newtowne with noting for their efforts.       

Referee Mr. Ronnie Allen


                DUNLOY FC                                        4              COAGH UNITED 1

The first forty five minutes of this game saw nothing between the teams with no goals being scored until Karl Fitzpatrick scored for Dunloy on the 42nd minute. Dunloy doubled their lead after Keelan Molloy scored on the 58th minute followed by a third goal scored by Conor Dooey on the 65th minute. Coagh got back into the game after Jamie Tomelty converted a penalty on the 75th minute but Dunloy had the final say in the game when Declan McGarry scored their fourth goal on the 85th minute from the penalty spot.     Referee Mr. Keith Hughes


                CHIMNEY CORNER                          0              GLEBE RANGERS              6

Glebe went in front after Chris Nicholl scored on the 10th minute then a penalty on the 35th minute converted by Ian Christie put Glebe two nil in front at half-time.  Two more goals for Glebe scored by Ian Christie 54th minute and Chris Nicholl 63rd minute saw Glebe four goals clear.  Ian Christie completed his hat-trick from the penalty spot on the 71st minute before Adam Harte scored the final goal on the 86th minute.

Referee Mr. Barry Maxwell


SOFIA FARMER                                 1              St JAMES SWIFTS            2

Sofia had an early set-back in the game when they had a player sent off on the 10th minute leaving them a man short for the rest of the game. Sofia went in front after Nathan Leite scored and held this lead at half-time. St James got back on level terms after Eugene Gallagher scored then followed this with the winning goal scored by Sean Pat Donnelly.   Referee Mr. Jerome McElroy


                COOKSTOWN RBL                          2              BRANTWOOD                   2             

Brantwood started off brightly taking the lead after Steven Wilson scored on the 20th minute. RBL replied to this with David Lee scoring on the 32nd minute. Half-time was then approaching when Jonny Taylor scored on the 37th minute putting the RBL in front at the break. The second half saw Brantwood go all-out for the equaliser but RBL held firm at the back until Gareth McAuley scored the equaliser for Brantwood on the 88th minute.                           Referee Mr. Kevin Taggart


                                                              McREYNOLDS CUP ROUND 3

                BALLYNURE OB                                4              COOKSTOWN YOUTH    3

Cookstown went in front in this game after Ryan O’Neil scored then Barry Penney equalised for Ballynure. Cookstown went in front for a second time when Steven Arrell scored followed by Josh McIlroy scoring the equaliser for Ballynure. Half-time was almost reached when Ricky Higgins converted a penalty on the 42nd minute putting Ballynure in front. Cookstown got the equaliser early in the second half after Kiefer Scott scored. The game was then heading for extra-time when Kyle Agnew scored the winner for Ballynure on the 85th minute                       Referee Mr. Rowan Vernon.


                                                      Games played on Tuesday 20th February


                GLEBE RANGERS                              5              SOFIA FARMER            2

Glebe went in front after Ian Christie scored on the 16th minute then saw Sergio Duarte equalise for Sofia on the 30th,minute. Chad Dobbin put Glebe back in front on the 51st minute followed by Chris Nicholl scoring number three on the 61st minute. Nathan Leite scored a second goal Sofia on the 69th minute then two goals scored by Ian Christie and Josh Elliott on the 74th and 85th minutes completed the scoring.                Referee Mr. Paul Douglas  


                                                                 O’GORMAN CUP ROUND 1

                                BANGOR FC                       4              CHIMNEY CORNER          0

Bangor went in front after Ethan Boylan scored on the 4th minute then followed this with his second goal on the 33rd minute. Dale Patten added goal number three on the 80th minute before Mark Craig completed the scoring on the 84th minute.         Referee Mr. Jimmy Johnston


                                                JUNIOR DIVISIONS LEAGUE GAMES


                BALLYNURE OB ‘B’                         0              COOKSTOWN OLYMPIC               2

Both teams kept it very tight in defence during the first-half which resulted in no goals being scored at half-time. This changed early in the second half after Nigel Johnston scored for the Olympic on the 47th minute. Ballynure went in search of the equaliser after this but the Olympic held firm at the back. Time was then beginning to rum down when Chris Eastwood scored a scorcher of a 35 yard free kick on the 82nd minute sealing the win for the Olympic.                   Referee Mr. Rodney Campbell


                BRANTWOOD RES                          1              FC WHITEABBEY              2

Both teams created a couple of chances early in the game before Karl Douglas scored the first goal on the 27th minute putting Whiteabbey in front. Things then got better for Whiteabbey with Chris Coiley scoring their second goal on the 28th minute giving them a two goal lead at half-time. Adrian Murphy got Brantwood back into the game when he scored on the 50th minute but at the end Whiteabbey win by the odd goal.

Referee Mr. Samuel Forsythe


SPORT & LEISURE SWIFTS RES                2              NEWINGTOM YC RES                      9

Newington got off to a quick start with David Finlay scoring on the 11th minute. Daniel Moore added number two on the 24th minute before Gerry Brady scored for Sports on the 27th minute. Daniel Moore scored his second goal on the 30th minute followed by Mark Kelly on the 40th minute. Daniel Moore brought his tally to four in the game on the 57th and 67th minutes. Niall Southam scored number seven on the 70th followed by Mikolaj Danielowski scoring on the 71st minute. Daniel Moore added a fifth to his tally on the 81st minute before Gerry Kelly scored Sports second on the 85th minute.                        Referee Mr. Kenny Bigger


3rd BALLYCLARE OB                       v              ANTRIM ROVERS

Game not played as no Official Referee being Available




COOKSTOWN YOUTH COLTS                     3              CASTLE STAR                   2

After a steady start by both teams Michael James scored on the 24th minute putting the Castle in front. The Colts replied to this with Adam Watson scoring on the 35th minute putting the team’s level at half-time. The Colts went in front after Paul McGarvey scored on the 49th minute then an own goal conceded by the Castle on the 82nd minute saw the Colts two goals clear. The Castle came back and scored through Colin Chambers on the 85th minute but failed to get teh equaliser before the final whistle.     Referee Mr. Richard Stewart


                MALLUSK ATHLETIC                      2              COOKSTOWN RBL RES        1

Both teams had a chance to score before Julio Ramos scored on the 25th minute. Mallusk came back to equalises with Matty Fegan scoring on the 30th minute and at half-time the teams were still on level terms. The second half saw both teams go for the winning goal which went the way of Mallusk after Jason Stirling hit a thunderous free kick into the RBL net on the 79th minute to win the game.                  Referee Mr. Charlie Pollock     


                68th NEWTOWNABBEY ‘A’            v              NROETHEN UNITED YOUTH

Game not played as no Official Referee being Available



                CARNLOUGH SWIFTS                    4              NORTH BELFAST UNITED             4

Carnlough went in front after Paul Rodgers scored early in the game. North Belfast hit back with goals scored by Anthony McKeown, Blair Hunter and Jon Milne to lead 3-1 at half-time. Carnlough got back on level terms after Gary Montgomery and Kieran Mulvenna scored then a second goal scored by Gary Montgomery saw Carnlough go in front. Time was then running down when Jason Bannon scored a fourth goal for North Belfast giving the teams a share of the points.              Referee Mr. Brian Leitch


                68th NEWTOWNABBEY ‘A’            1              RATHCOOLE FC               5

There was little to choose between the teams during the first thirty minutes then the 68th went in front after Keith Pierce scored on the 34th minute. Rathcoole got back level after Aaron Lindsay scored on the 41st minute followed by a goal scored by Alex Crawford on the 63rd minute putting Rathcoole ahead. Three more goals followed for Rathcoole scored by Glenn Mayne 86th, Junior Long 87th and Alex Crawford 92nd minutes.

Referee Mr. Russell Wilson


                                                                CANADA TRPOHY ROUND 1

CLOUGH RANGERS ATHLETIC                    14           BALLYCLARE NORTH END           13 (After Penalties)

What a cup tie with Clough trailing 3-1 at half-time then leading 7-4 before North End pulled back to 7all before normal time ended. Clough got off to a good start with Matt Kirk scoring on the 11th minute. North End replied with Sammy McGuckin scoring a hat-trick on the 12th, 24th and 33rd minutes before half-time. Sam Bennett scored a second goal for Cough on the 46th minute followed by Gareth Millar scoring for North End on the 49th minute. Clough then went 7-4 in front thanks to goals scored by Paul Gilchrist 51st Sam Bennett 57th and 65th, William Dunlop 70th and Paul Gilchrist 77th minutes. North End hit back with goals scored by Robert Bonnes 78th, Gareth Miller 80th and John Gracey 92nd minutes to take the game into extra time. No goals were scored during extra-time and Clough winning the penalty shoot-out 7-6.                Referee Mr. Paul Aston


                                                                CANADA TROPHY ROUND 3

                CARRICK ATHLETIC                       3              KILLYMOON RANGERS 2

The Athletic went in front after Ryan Clawson scored on the 5th minute then saw Sam Shields equalise for Killymoon on the 6th minute. Carrick went in front for a second time after Dave White scored on the 20th minute then Killymooon equalised through Stuart Donaghy on the 31st minute. Half-time was then beckoning when Stewart Bell scored on the 40th minute putting Carrick back in front at the break. The surprising thing was no goals were scored during the second half with Carrick going through to the next round.

Referee Mr. Trevor Higgins


                DESERTMARTIN SWIFTS              0              WOODLANDS         3        

Woodlands took control of the game after Alex Haggan scored on the 18th minute then two more goals scored by Ross Oliver and Alex Haggan on the 22nd and 25th minutes saw Woodlands lead three nil at half-time. Desertmartin came more into the game in the second half but Woodlands kept the lid on the scoring to progress to the next round.                      Referee Mr. Matthew Shaw



FIXTURES Week-Ending 3rd March 2018


                                                All Domestic League and Cup Games Kick off @ 2.00pm




Bangor                                   v              Dunloy                                   @ Bangor Fuels Arena. Bangor

Brantwood                             v              Ballynure OB                      @ Skegoneil Avenue. Belfast

Chimney Corner                  v              Cookstown RBL                    @ Allen Park. Antrim

Coagh United                                        Request free Date

Cookstown Youth                                 Free


Crawford Cup Round 3

Newtowne                              v              Woodlands                             @ Scroggy Road PF. Limavady


O’Gorman Cup Round 2

St James Swifts                    v              Sofia Farmer                         @ Woodburn PF. Finaghy Road North. Belfast

Glebe Rangers                      v              Desertmartin                        @ Riada Stadium. Ballymoney


Junior Divisions League Games       


Desertmartin Swifts            v              Sport & Leisure S Res         @ Dromore Park. Dromore Road. Desertmartin

Cookstown Olympic             v              Ballynure OB ‘B’                 @ Beechway PF. Cookstown

 Antrim Rovers                                       Request free Date

Brantwood Res                                      Free

3rd Ballyclare OB



Brantwood-Loughside          v              Mallusk Athletic                  @ Loughside PF. Shore Road. Belfast

Castle Star                            v              Cookstown RBL Res             @ Woodburn PF or 3g Pitch Carrickfergus

Antrim Rovers Swifts           v              Cookstown Youth Colts       @ Allen Park. Antrim


Northend United Youth                       Free

68th Newtownabbey ‘A’                        Free                                       




Ballyclare North End           v              68th Newtownabbey ‘B’        @ Parkview Hockey Club. Doagh

North Belfast United                            Free

 Carrick Athletic                                   Free                                       

Carnlough Swifts                                 Free

Red Star                                                 Free

Greenisland WM have withdrawn from the league



Canada Trophy Round 2

FC Whiteabbey                     v              Rathcoole FC                        @ 3g Pitch UUJ. Jordanstown


Linda Welshman Memorial Cup Round 3

Killymoon Rangers              v              Clough Rangers Athletic     @ Fairhill PF. Fairhill Road. Cookstown



IFA Junior Cup Quarter Final                                                           Kick off 1.30pm

Newington YC Res               v              Harryville Homers               @ 3g Pitch Valley PF. Newtownabbey