REPORTS Week-Ending 4th November 2017

Nov 5 2017 8:33 PM


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        SEASON 2017-18


Glebe Rangers are our only team left in the Irish Challenge Cup with Newtowne and Brantwood losing narrowly on Saturday.  Glebe Rangers were awarded the tie against UUJ as UUJ did not fulfil their Intermediate Cup tie the previous week. The Rule sates a team who do not play in the Intermediate Cup is debarred from playing in the Challenge Cup.

St James Swifts lost out in the Quarter Final of the Steel and Sons Cup to Linfield Swifts by 3-1 thus leaving Bangor as our last representative in the competition away to Crumlin United on Saturday 11th.


Saturday 11th November will see a full list of fixtures including County Antrim Junior Shield, Mid-Ulster Shield, North West Junior Cup and Domestic League and Cup games played.





                BALLYNURE OB                                5              CHIMNEY CORNER          1

Ballynure were quick off the mark with Ryan McIlwaine scoring to put then in front then went two up after Steve Howe scored. The Corner pulled a goal back after Darren Selby scored then Stevie Howe scored his second goal in the game to put Ballynure two goals clear at half-time. The second half saw Ballynure score another couple of goals through Josh McIlroy and Steve Howe completing his hat-trick.        

Referee Mr. Glenn McKinstry


                                COAGH UNITED               3              COOKSTOWN YOUTH                    0

Coagh won this derby game by making the most of their chances while the Youth were a little hesitant around the goal area. Coagh went in front after Andy Neill scored on the 21st minute then added a second goal when Danny McKinless scored on the 54th minute. Time as then running down quickly when James Ferguson scored a third goal for Coagh on the 87th minute.         Referee Mr. Simon McKay


                                DESERTMARTIN               0              BANGOR FC       4

After a steady start by both teams Bangor went in front after a Desertmartin player turned the ball into his own net on the 42nd minute. Bangor doubled their advantage when Gerard McMullan scored on the 52nd minute. Desertmartin tried hard to breakdown a solid Bangor defence then goals scored by Kyle Woods and Dale Patton on the 87th and 89th minutes completed the scoring.            Referee Mr. Matthew Gilchrist


                                DUNLOY                               3              COOKSTOWN RBL          1

There was little to choose between the teams in the first-half except a goal scored by Conal Dooey for Dunloy on the 22nd minute. Dunloy went two nil ahead after Declan McGarry scored on the 47th minute then made it three nil after Karl Fitzpatrick scored on the 62nd minute. RBL to their credit never gave up pulling a goal back when Alex Lees scored on the 83rd minute this being followed by a Dunloy played being sent off for a second yellow card on the 87th minute.                        Referee Mr. Ryan Hanna


                                                                CRAWFORD CUP 1st ROUND

                SOFIA FARMER                              3              NEWINGTON YC RES      3  (After Extra Time)

Sofia were pushed all the way by a determined Newington team and had to go to penalty kicks to win the tie by Five converted against Four by Newington. Sofia went in front after Roberson Ribeiro scored on the 15th minute then went two goals clear after Ezequiel De Jesus scored on the 32nd minute to lead two nil at half-time. Newington came back strong and two goals scored saw the game go into extra-time. Roberson Ribeiro scored his second goal in the game putting Sofia back in front then Newington equalised to take the game to penalties where Sofia won through by the odd goal in nine.                              Referee Mr. Gary Crawford.


                                COUNTY ANTRIM STEEL & SONS CUP QUARTER-FINAL


                                LINFIELD SWIFTS            3              St JAMES SWIFTS            1

In front of a very large crowd of spectators St James found it difficult to break down a solid Linfield defence and at half-time went in one nil down. St James then had a manse sent off on the 70th minute for a second yellow card then Linfield scored their second goal on the 72nd minute. St James got back into the game after Padraig McCormick scored then as time was running down Linfield scored their third goal in the game.


                                                IFA IRISH CHALLENGE CUP 3rd ROUND

                                NEWTOWNE                       0              LISBURN DISTILLERY    2

The first forty five minute saw nothing to separate the teams with no goals scored at half-time. A similar pattern of play followed in the second half until Distillery scored on the 70th minute. Distillery then got a second goal from the penalty spot on the 73rd minute which killed off any hope Newtowne had of saving the game


                                IMMACULATTA                 3              BRANTWOOND                1 (After Extra Time)

The home side went in front on the 8th minute then Brantwood got back level after Curtis Dempster scored on the 32nd minute. No more goals were scored in normal time then extra-time was introduced.  Immaculata won the tie with goals scored on the115th and 119th minutes.


                UUJ JORDANSTOWN                      V             GLEBE RANGERS

The Tie was awarded to Glebe Rangers by the Cup Committee as UUJ failed to fulfil their IFA Intermediate Cup Tie.


                                                JUNIOR DIVISIONS LEAGUE GAMES


                3rd BALLYCLARE OB                       3              DESERTMARTIN SWIFTS              0

Ballyclare went in front after Marc Campbell converted penalty the as half-time was approaching Dylan Lemahieu scored a second goal for Ballyclare. Ballyclare sealed the win after Marc Campbell converted a second penalty killing off any hope Desertmartin had of saving the game.      Referee Mr. Paul Aston


                BALLYNURE OLD BOYS ‘B’          0              WOODLANDS        5

Woodlands certainly put their fist defeat of the season the previous week behind them and recording a clear win with goals scored by Alex Haggan (3), Ross Oliver and Jonny McFetridge.           Referee Mr. Rodney Campbell


                COOKSTOWN OLYMPIC               2              FC WHITEABBEY              2             

Whiteabbey started off on the attack taking the lead after Fintan McCaughey scored on the 12th minute then gong two goals clear after Michael Coiley scored on the 15th minute. Half-time saw Whiteabbey still leading by the two early goals. The Olympic got back into the game after Aidan Kearney scored on the 60th minute followed by Nigel Johnston scoring the equaliser on the 70th minute.     Referee Mr. Bert Purdy


SPORT & LEISURE SWIFTS RES                1              ANTRIM ROVERS             5

The Sports went in front after Ciaran McKissock scored on the 2nd minute but then saw Jordan McKelvey score the equaliser for the Rovers on the 17th minute. Half-time saw the teams still level thn Tommy Bownes put the Rovers in front on the 51st minute. Darren Adair followed this with goal number three on the 54th minute before Tommy Bownes and Jonny Rogers scored on the 64th and 87th minutes.                     Referee Mr. Richard Stewart




                ANTRIM ROVERS SWIFTS            1              BRANTWOOD-LOUGHSIDE          5

Brantwood went in front after Colin Watters scored on the 18th minute but at half-time this was the only goal scored in the first-half. Brantwood went two goals clear after Curtis Watson scored on the 50th minute then Luke Watters weighed in with a hat-trick of goals scored on the 60th, 68th and 75th minutes to increase the lead to five nil.  The game was then in the 89th minute when John Smyth pulled goal back for Antrim.

Referee Mr. Kenny Bigger



68th NEWTOWNABBEY OB ‘B’                     2              CARRICK ATHLETIC       8

As no official referee was available the teams tossed up with a member of the Carrick club being chosen to referee the game. The game was a triumph for Ryan Clawson and Dave White who both scored four goals in the game and one for Kurtis Gorman. The 68th goals were scored by Mark McLarnon and Dave Blair.



                                                                CANADA TROPHY 1st ROUND

                KILLYMOON RANGERS                 5              68TH NEWTOWNABBEY OB ‘A’    1             

Killymoon went in front after Ricky Donaghy scored on the 19th minute then doubled their advantage after Dave Frizell scored on the 38th minute. An own goal conceded by 68th on the 39th minute saw Killymoon three nil up at half-time. Kyle Mann pulled a goal back for the 68th on the 55th minute but two more goals scored by Stefan Shields and Ciaran Thomson on the 60th and 83rd minutes sealed the win for Killymoon.

Referee Mr. Russell Wilson


                BRANTWOOD RES                          3              NORTHEND UNITED YOUTH        1

Brantwood went in front after Adrian Murphy scored on the 6th minute then added a second after Brian Rainey scored on the 29th minute. Northend got back into the game after Matthew Logan scored on the 31st minute then on the 44th minute Ryan McLean scored a third goal for Brantwood. The second half was different than the first with no more goals being scored.  Referee Mr. Tommy Waide



                                RED STAR                           0              COOKSTOWN RBL RES 6

The RBL were soon into their stride in this game and went in at half-time leading by goals scored by Julio Ramos (2), Jonny Taylor and Jonny Ferguson. Red Star tried hard to get back into the game in the second half but conceded two more goals scored by Nicky Jackson and Gareth Ramsey.    Referee Mr. Brian Leitch


                                                LINDA WELSHMAN MEMORIAL CUP 1st ROUND

                                RATHCOOLE FC               4              MALLUSK ATHLETIC      1

Both teams took a little time to settle then Rathcoole went two goals in front with Ross Watters and Jordan Bright scoring on the 33rd and 38th minutes. Rathcoole increased their lead after Ross Watters and Aaron Lindsay scored on the 56th and 78th minute but Mallusk pulled a goal back with Joel O’Hara scoring on the 85th minute.                   Referee Mr. Samuel Forsythe


                BALLYCLARE NORTH END           1              CASTLE STAR                   5

Castle went in at half-time leading by goals scored by Andy Hall, Lloyd Watters and Joel McMurtry. Castle never eased off in the second half scoring two more goals through Andy Hall and Joel McMurtry with Mark Deegan replying for North End.             Referee Mr. Bence Bodgar


                                                LINDA WELSHMAN MEMORIAL CUP 2nd ROUND

COOKSTOWN YOUTH COLTS                     P             CARNLOUGH SWIFTS


Game postponed as no Referee available                                        


                NORTH BELFAST UNITED             2              CLOUGH RANGERS ATHLETIC    4

The United went in front after James Brown scored on the 15th minute then goals scored by Ed Manson and William Dunlop on the 31st and 33rd minutes saw Clough go in front. United equalised through Sean Derry on the 39th minute and with no more goals scored in normal time the game went into extra-time. Clough went in front on the 95th minute after Ricky Ross converted a penalty then sealed the win after Chris McDonald scored on the 107th minute.             Referee Mr. Matthew Shaw


                WHITEHEAD RANGERS                 6              GREENISLAND WM          3

This was a high scoring cup derby with the Rangers winning through to the next round. Greenisland went in front after Jordan Hastings scored on the 10th minute then goals scored by Mark McCune and Michael Hughes on the 20th and 28th minute saw Whitehead in front. Jordan Hasting scored his second goal in the game to level the score at half-time. Stuart Thomson put Whitehead back in front on the 58th minute then Gary Kelly equalised for Greenisland. Whitehead went to goals clear through goals scored by Jonny Williams and Noel O’Connor followed by the final goal scored by Chris Cassells on the 90th minute.  Referee Mr. Trevor Higgins



FIXTURES Week-Ending 11th November 2017



Chimney Corner                 v              Coagh United                        @Allen Park. Castle Road. Antrim

Cookstown RBL                  v              Ballynure OB                      @ Beechway PF. Cookstown

Cookstown Youth                v              Desertmartin                       @ 3g Pitch MUSA. Cookstown

Dunloy                                   v              Newtowne                              @ McCamphill park. Tullaghan Road. Dunloy

St James Swifts                   v              Sofia Farmer                        @ Woodlands PF. Finaghy Rd North. Belfast

Brantwood                                             Free


Crawford Cup 1st Round                                                   Kick off 1.30pm

FC Whiteabbey                    v              3rd Ballyclare OB                @ 3g Pitch UUJ. Jordanstown


Crawford Cup 2nd Round                                                    Kick off 1.30pm

Glebe Rangers                     v              Sport & Leisure S Res      @ Riada Stadium. Ballymoney




County Antrim Steel & Sons Cup 5th Round                 Kick off 1.30pm

Crumlin United                    v              Bangor FC                            @ 26. Mill Road. Crumlin


Junior Division League Games



Woodlands                            v              Antrim Rovers                     @ Woodburn PF. Carrickfergus




Northend United Youth       v              68th Newtownabbey ‘A’       @ 3g Pitch Showground’s. Ballymena

Mallusk Athletic                 v              Brantwood-Loughside        @ 3g Pitch Valley PF. Newtownabbey

Antrim Rovers Swifts         v              Clough Rangers Athletic  @ Allen Park. Castle Road. Antrim




Ballyclare North End          v              Whitehead Rangers            @ Parkview Hockey Club. Doagh

North Belfast United           v              Red Star                                @ Threemilewater PF. Doagh Road N’abbey

68th Newtownabbey ‘B’       v              Carnlough Swifts                @ Threemilewater PF. Doagh Road N’abbey



Canada Trophy 1st Round                                                   Kick off 1.30pm

Greenisland WM                   v              Ballynure OB ‘B’                @ Upper Road. Greenisland



Linda Welshman Memorial Cup 2nd Round                  Kick off 1.30pm

Carrick Athletic                 v              Cookstown RBL Res          @ Beltoy PF. Beltoy Road. Carrickfergus


North West Junior Cup 1st Round                                   Kick off 1.30pm

Desertmartin Swifts           v              Claudy United                       @ Dromore Park. Dromore Road. D’martin



County Antrim Junior Shield 3rd Round                                                        Kick off 1.30pm

Beann Mhadaghan              v             Rathcoole FC                        @ Valley PF. Church Road. Newtownabbey

Warren YM                          v              Newington YC Res              @ Lagan Valley Leisureplex. Lisburn

Castle Star                           v              Carniny Rangers                @ Beltoy PF. Beltoy Road. Carrickfergus

Celtic Boys (D’patrick)      v              Brantwood Res                     @ Cedar PF. Kilmore Road. Crossgar



Mid-Ulster Shield 3rd Round                                                             Kick Off 1.30pm

Valley Rangers Res            v              Cookstown Olympic            @ Bignian Park. Kilkeel

Ambassadors                        v              Cookstown Youth Colts      @ Glendinning Way. Mahon Road. P’down

Killymoon Rangers             v              Ashgrove Rovers @ Fairhill PF. Fairhill Road. Cookstown