REPORTS Week-Ending 7th October 2017

Oct 8 2017 5:30 PM


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        SEASON 2017-18


Saturday was the first week with all the teams across the divisions meeting in league games which threw up a number of very close results and in particular the Intermediate Division.

Brantwood got back into winning ways at home against Cookstown RBL while St James beat Cookstown Youth. Ballynure had a good win away to Newtowne by the odd goal in five and in the other three game all ended in draws.

In Junior One Woodlands and Newington YC Res are still top of the division while it is very tight at the top of Division Two. Rathcoole are still clear leaders in Division Three





                                SOFIA FARMER                 1              DUNLOY                           1

Dunloy got off to a great start with Karl Fitzpatrick scoring after 52 seconds of play. After this there were plenty of clear chances but at half-time the single goal separated the teams. Sofia got back on level terms after Roberson Robeiro scored on the 48th minute. Chances came and went after this but at the end it was a point to each team.            Referee Mr. Gerard Murray


                                DESERTMARTIN               4              GLEBE RANGERS              4

What a game with lots of good goals. Glebe went in front after Sam Shaw scored on the 7th minute then added a second when Chris Nicholl scored on the 40th minute to lead two nil at half-time. Mark Shields scored for the Martins on the 52nd minute followed by Ian Christie scoring for Glebe on the 58th minute. The Martin hit back with Robin Patton scoring on the 64th minute and Mark Shields on the 68th minute. Chad Dobbin scored a fourth for Glebe on the 79th minute but the Martins came back with Mark Shields completing his hat-trick on the 86th minute giving the teams a point each in a thrilling game            Referee Mr. Rowan Vernon


                                BRANTWOOD                   3              COOKSTOWN RBL          0

The first-half was evenly divided between the teams until Curtis Dempster shot Brantwood into the lead on the 45th minute. Steven Bainbridge scored on the 50th minute putting Brantwood two goals clear and this scoreline remained until Curtis Dempster scored his second goal in the game me on the 85th minute.

Referee Mr. Ciaran McAllister


                                COAGH UNITED                1              BANGOR                            1

Coagh were early on attack taking the lead after William Ferguson scored on the 12th minute and at half-time this goal still separated the teams. Bangor went all-out in the second half for the equaliser and with time running out quickly they got this after Ethan Boylan scored on the 88th minute.     Referee Mr. Steven Anderson


                                NEWTOWNE                       2              BALLYNURE OB                3

Ballynure took a two goal lead in this game before half-time through a brace of goals scored by Scott Cummings on the 13th and 32nd minutes. Ballynure went three goals ahead after Christopher McIlwaine scored on teh 72nd minute. Newtowne pulled goal back after Blain Morrison scored on the 78th minute then narrowed the gap after Ryan Twist scored on the 84th minute but at the final whistle Ballynure took all three points.

Referee Mr. Kyle Barr


                                St JAMES SWIFTS            4              COOKSTOWN YOUTH        1

The Swifts went two goals clear after Padraig McCormick and Sean Donnelly scored during the first twenty minute of the game. The Swifts then added two more goals again Padraig McCormick and Sean Donnelley being the scorers to lead four nil at half-time. The second half saw the Youth come back into the game getting a goal scored by Jack Wilson but by then the Swifts had the game won.    Referee Mr. Iain Banks


                                                JUNIOR DIVISIONS LEAGUE GAMES


                ANTRIM ROVERS                             2              FC WHITEABBEY                    1

This was a very close game and Whiteabbey a little unfortunate not to get a point but for a very late winning goal. Antrim went in front after Tommy Bownes scored on the 13th minute and held this lead until Karl Douglas scored for Whiteabbey on teh 36th minute. This scoreline remained at half-time then the game went into the 89th minute when the Antrim keeper Noel Rock scored with a thunderous free kick to win the game for his team.

Referee Mr. Richard Stewart


SPORT & LEISURE SWIFTS RES                4              DESERTMARTIN SWIFTS       3

The Martins went two goals clear after Nathan Redfern and Colin Irvine scored on the 11th and 15th minutes. The Sports came back to level the game after Ciaran McKissock and Sam Idris scored on the 21st and 42nd minutes. The Sports then went two goals clear with a brace scored by Declan McCaffrey on the 60th and 93rd minutes before Ryan Brown scored for the Martins on the 95th minute.           Referee Mr. Charlie Pollock


                3rd BALLYCLARE OB                       1              WOODLANDS                         2

Both the teams played it tight during teh fiat-half and at half-time Woodlands led by a goal scored by Alex Haggan. Woodlands lead was then doubled when Ballyclare conceded an own goal. Ballyclare got back into teh game after Marc Campbell converted a penalty but Woodlands held on for the win.

Referee Mr. Matthew Shaw


                BALLYNURE OB ‘B’                         2              NEWINGTON YC RES               6

Ballynure went in front after Ryan Wallace scored on the 27th minute then goals scored by Daniel Moore and Michael McArdle on the 36th and 47th minutes saw Newington go in front.  Conal McKeown scored on the 63rd and Brant Estler on the 74th minutes to extend the Newington lead followed by a brace from Daniel Moore to complete his hat-trick on the 76th and 80th minutes. Ballynure hit back after this with Philip Moreland scoring on the 85th minute.                           Referee Mr. Paul Aston


                COOKSTOWN OLYMPIC               3              BRANTWOOD RES                   5

Goals were certainly the order of the day in this game with the first goal being scored by Stephen McCormick for Brantwood on the 6th minute. Glenn Pierce added a second for Brantwood on the 15th minute followed by Matthew Stewart making it three nil on the 20th minute. Brian Mulligan pulled goal back for the Olympic on the 30th minute then goals scored by Glenn Pierce and Stephen McCormick on the 50th and 55th minutes saw Brantwood four goals clear. The Olympic came back with goals scored by Nigel Johnston and Tiarnan Brennan on the 52nd and 62nd minute giving them chance but Brantwood held their two goal advantage until the final whistle. Referee Mr. Russell Wilson


                COOKSTOWN RBL RES               2              CASTLE STAR                            4

Castle got off to a great start with Lee Lowry putting them ahead on the 2nd minute. Castle extended their lead at half-time to three nil thanks to goals scored by Paul Garvey 16th and Lee Lowry 32nd minutes. RBL got back into the game with a brace of goals scored by Nicky Jackson on the 57th and 65th minute only to see Lee Lowry complete his hat-trick with a fourth goal for Castle on the 86th minute.             Referee Mr. Rodney Campbell 


CLOUGH RANGERS ATHLETIC                   1              NORTHEND UNITED YOUTH   1

This was a good derby game between the youthful Northend against their more experienced near neighbours from Clough. The only thing missing during the first-half were no goals being scored. This changed in the second half with Matthew Logan scoring to put Northend in front. Cough came back with William Dunlop equalising giving the teams a point each at the end of the game.               Referee Mr. Brian Leitch


                ANTRIM ROVERS SWIFTS            3              MALLUSK ATHLETIC             1      

There is a saying that its goals that win games and on this front the Swifts scored three through Allan Jones, Dave Caldwell and Adam Foster from the chances they created. Opposite this was Mallusk who had Joel O’Hara converting a penalty but they had a few other good chances not taken.

Referee   Mr. Trevor Higgins


COOKSTOWN YOUTH COLTS                     9              68th NEWTOWNABBEY OB ‘A’     0

The Colts marksman Rene Matiko had a field day in this game scoring Six goals four these on the 9th, 15th, 38 and 42nd minutes putting teh Colts four goals clear at half-time. Ryan O’Neil, Philip McGarvey and Darren McKernan and two from Rene Matiko completed the scoring in the second half.

Referee Mr. Kenny Bigger 




                RED STAR                                           2              CARRICK ATHLETIC                      4

In this derby game Red Star got off to a poor start having man sent off on the 12th minute then seeing the Athletic go in front with a goal scored by Andy Marley on the 21st minute. A brace of goals scored by Ryan Clawson on the 28th and 30th minutes saw the Athletic three nil in front at half-time. Red Star pulled goal back after Danny Davey scored on the 53rd minute then on the 88th minute Steven Bell scored number four for the Athletic.                             Referee Mr. Ian Shiels


                NORTH BELFAST UNITED             3              WHITEHEAD RANGERS                   1

There was little to choose between the teams during the first-half except a goal scored by James Brown on the 40th minute that out the United in front at half-time. Whitehead got back on level terms after Noël O’Connor scored on the 75th minute then two goals scored by Jon Fox and Neil Stewart on the 79th and 90th minutes won the game for the United.     Referee Mr. Bert Purdy


                68th NEWTOWNABBEY OB ‘B’     1              BALLYCLARE NORTH END           4

North End went in front after Gareth Miller scored on the 10th minute then got a second goal scored by Jason Norrell on the 25th minute. Newtownabbey got a goal back after Lee Burns scored on the 29th minute cutting the deficit at half-time. North End scored two more goals in the second half through Jason Norrell 55th minute and Jonny Gracey 70th minute to seal the win.        Referee Mr. Tommy Waide


FIXTURES Week-Ending 14th October 2017



Chimney Corner                  v              Bangor                                   @ Allen Park. Castle Road. Antrim

Desertmartin                        v              Ballynure OB                       @ Dromore Park. Dromore Rd. Desertmartin

Newtowne FC                                        Request Free Date

Dunloy                                                   Request Free Date

Sofia Farmer                                         Free


McReynolds Cup 1st Round

Cookstown Youth                 v              Brantwood                             @ 3g Pitch MUSA. Cookstown

St James Swifts                    v              Glebe Rangers                      @ 3g Pitch Woodlands PF. Finaghy Rd Nth. Belfast

Coagh United                        v              Cookstown RBL                    @ Hagan Park. Coagh


Junior Division League Games


Sport & Leisure S Res         v              3rd Ballyclare OB                 @ Grass Pitch Valley PF. Newtownabbey

FC Whiteabbey                     v              Woodlands                             @ 3g Pitch. UUJ Jordanstown

Desertmartin Swifts                            Free



68th N’abbey OB ‘A’             v              Brantwood Loughside          @ Threemilewater PF. Doagh Rd. Newtownabbey

Cookstown RBL Res             v              Antrim Rovers Swifts           @ Fairhill PF Fairhill Road. Cookstown

Northend United Youth       v              Killymoon Rangers              @ 3g Pitch Showground’s. Warden St. Ballymena

Mallusk Athletic                  v              Clough Rangers Athletic     @ Grass Pitch. Valley PF. Newtownabbey       



Ballyclare North End           v              Rathcoole FC                        @ Parkview Hockey Club. Doagh

Carrickfergus Athletic        v              Carnlough Swifts                 @ 3g Pitch. Taylors Avenue. Carrickfergus

Red Star                                 v              North Belfast United            @ Woodburn PF. Carrickfergus

Whitehead Rangers              v              68th N’abbey OB ‘B’             @ Castleview Park Castleview Rd. Whitehead

Greenisland WM                  Free


Note: All League and Domestic Cup games kick off @ 2.00pm


IFA Junior Cup 1st Round                                                                   Kick off 1.30pm

Caledon Rovers                     v              Brantwood Res                      @ Tanyard Park. Main Street Caledon

Newington YC Res               v              Newhill                                  @ 3g Pitch. Valley PF Newtownabbey

All Saints OB                       v              Cookstown Olympic             @ Grass Pitch. S’ground’s Warden St. Ballymena

Dunbreen Rovers                  v              Ballynure OB ‘B’                 @ Omagh Sport Youth. Omagh Road. Drumquin

Cookstown Youth Colts       v              Dollingstown Res                 @ Grass Pitch MUSA. Cookstown

Castle Star                            v              Rathfriland Rangers Res     @ Pich 2. Beltoy PF. Carrickfergus

Antrim Rovers                       v              Carniny Rangers                  @ Allen Park. Antrim